Updated, BBM Now Presents A Number Of New Features

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) back to its newest features released, by offering more choices and sharing services to its users. In particular who were in Indonesia.
Among some of the new features, which is said to make BBM as instant messaging platform that’s more valuable is the ability to share photos to Feeds, video sharing on the Feeds via BBM BBM Game Center Channel, the latest in the Discover menu selection, fuel Pulse/Discover menu selection in the PLN, and FUEL Vouchers in the Discover menu selection.
“The latest version of BBM allowing users share high quality photos (high resolution) to FUEL Feeds. In previous versions, users can only update or post information in the form of text. This new version also allows users to create high-quality photos and share them directly to the whole contact users without the need to first update your avatar image to display the photos, “said Matthew Talbot, CEO of fuel, in the official description, Monday (7/12/2016).
In addition to uploading photos, users can also watch various videos that you post on BBM Feeds. Only users who already have a FUEL Channel who can post video, although the video can be seen by all users of BBM. Users can also play video and watch it in full screen or in a FUEL Feeds.
Working with Game Developer NEOWIZ Games Corp, Korea FUEL presents BBM Game Center for 60 million active users of FUEL in Indonesia. Calculated from 1 January 2016, the user can access the FUEL Game Center with new game Fruit Mania: Ellys travel with fuel. Everyone can play for free. In fact, users of Android can compete each other.
“Make sure you try the game Fruit Mania in BBM You on 1 November, and look forward to another interesting game that will be present in the next few weeks,” continued Talbot.
He explains, BBM will release more free games from November to December.
In addition to these three features above, there are also features of BBM Pulse/PLN are already available in the application of FUEL since the beginning of last October. Thanks to this feature, the user can not only buy, but also pay bills PLN, BPJS and other bill payment in the fuel.
Meanwhile, fuel Voucher is a voucher service the latest BBM. This feature was launched on October 20, and then to a user of FUEL in Indonesia. Users simply visit the Discover menu and can easily make a purchase and exchange of a wide choice of restaurants, entertainment venues, as well as the staple goods through BBM.
This electronic voucher will be stored in FUEL Vouchers Shop so that users will not be complicated with the issue of loss or physical vouchers left at home.
In addition to introducing some of the new features, especially those that are available to users of FUEL in Indonesia, in an update this time BBM also do some improvement on BBM interface.
The increase in question including the display the new contact in the form of a list compiled by default, instead of the grid; availability of Barcode scanner on the menu; the existence of the Channel Icon in the Discover menu as an alternative to access the FUEL Channel; Standard 25-seconds for the time of the message; lists the names and duty while conducting a conversation with several people and groups.